C'MORE ( "The Company" ) accepts bookings subject to the following conditions :  
   On confirmation of the programme from the " Company ",  a deposit of 50% of the tour price is required to be sent directly to the "Company's" bankers, vide telex or fax transfer, with a confirmation copy of the same to the "Company's "  headquarters, at New Delhi, minimum 45 days before commencement of the tour. In cases where tour programme includes  Luxury Train reservations, 100% deposit is required minimum 60 days prior to commencement  of  journey. The Balance Amount must be paid not later than 20 days before commencement of  the  tour, otherwise the  "Company" may treat the booking as cancelled by the client.  
  While the " Company" will use its best endeavours to operate all tours as advertised, reasonable changes in the itinerary may be made where deemed necessary or advisable by the " Company". The " Company" reserves the right to cancel a tour and in this case will offer alternative arrangements or a full refund of any moneys paid to the " Company", for booking that particular tour. All refunds will be processed and sent through our bankers, directly to the clients bank. No refund will be made in cash nor for any unused services which are included in the tour price.  

  The " Company " only acts as agents for the owners, contractors, suppliers of transportation and local operators/ agents and/ or other related travel services provided and assume no liability or responsibility for additional expenses howsoever caused arising directly or indirectly from the actions or commission of such independent parties, accidents, loss or damage to person or property, delays, transport failures, strikes, war, force major, acts of god etc. over which it has no control. The " Company " accepts no liability for any circumstances arising pursuant to the agreement constituted by acceptance of these conditions by the client save (1) where such circumstances  derives directly from a failure by the " Company " to use due diligence in the selection of persons for whom it acts as agent or (2) for negligence on the part of its employees causing death or personal injury or (3)  to the extent of recovery by the client under the insurance cover enacted pursuant to these conditions. Clients are strongly advised to insure adequately for the full duration of their tour in aspect of illness, injury, death,theft of baggage and personal effects, in their home country.  

   Travel dates may be changed upto 25 days prior to travel without penalty. Cancellation charges are calculated from the day, written acceptance of confirmation along with deposit is received by the " Company " and expressed herewith as a percentage of the total tour price including surcharge as follows : (a)  24 days before commencement of tour @ 25 %  (b)  15 days @ 40%  (c) 1 Week @ 75%  (d) less than 7 days @ 85%  (e) notification received on or after commencement of tour date @ 100%.  An administration charge of 10% will be charged, if a confirmed booking/s is changed or transferred upto 25 days before commencement of the tour.  After this time all changes will be treated as cancellation and will be subject to the charges mentioned above.  

  In case of any dispute arising, regarding tour handling, the " Company "  being officially recognized by the Department of Tourism, are bound to accept the Regional Director, Government of India Tourist Office, of the region as the arbitrator and his/her decision given in such arbitration as final.  

    All disputes subject to Delhi Court only.   

  We do not accept credit cards yet, as E-commerce  is still an infant in our country and the Government is working hard, to resolve this very important  hindrance in monetary transactions. All remittances by foreign nationals should be in form of direct Bank wire transfer from senders bank to recipients bank account in New Delhi, India.  Indians Nationals can pay by either bankdraft or local (Delhi) cheque. We do not accept outstation cheques, untill & unless the payment is received minimum 45 days in advance,prior to commencement of the tour. 

  All remittances should mention, reason for remittance as " PAYMENT FOR LAND ARRANGEMENTS FOR DISCOVER INDIA VACATIONS "  

  The " Company " recommends UTA  for  purchase of  your travel  insurance. UNICARD TRAVEL ASSOCIATION  have one of  the leading Travel Protection Plan in the World ,with  24 HOURS GLOBAL ACCESS  to their Emergency Medical Profile and their product is underwritten by American National Insurance Co and presently rated A++ by AM Best. Moreover their prices are most competitive and is available to citizens world-wide.  

  Gratitude, long distance telephone charges, room service etc. not included in any of the tours offered.  

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