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Travel as an incentive is increasingly becoming an important MOTIVATION TOOL
for employees,dealers & associates of the Corporate World, with exotic destinations as venues,
spread all over the globe,  to mix business with pleasure, in today's hectic & competitive world.
INDIA as a destination, is as old as 5000 years, since when ,came the conquerors and
the sightseers the knowledge seekers & knowledge givers,  the traders & the artisans, all
to see & wonder at  the marvels of this ancient land, its riches,  its palaces, its kings &
its queens, its customs and traditions, its million gods and its holy people, the one land,
seen " even once by even a glimpse, would not give that glimpse for the shows of all the
rest of the globe combined ."
India- The destination is the incentive itself.
For here where the ancient and the modern co-exist, is a country that is made for incentives.
Here you will meet, hospitable people who will welcome you with warmth into their country, into their homes and into their hearts.
India derives its root from a rich past, both culturally and historically and this is the manfest
in the wealth of her cities and their architecture, in the arts, in the realms of music and dance.
But there is modern idiom too in India, and with it, an interpretive rendition in the form
of jazz and ballet, pop and soul, providing the right medley also for an excellence
in the classical and the "joie de vivre" of folk performances.
But India is first a destination of impressive centuries, old cities and modern holiday resorts,
of tranquil hill retreats and sunny beaches, of fine cuisine and excellent hotels
of the highest international standards
And while India extols its many wonders, the infrastructure of a well geared incentive country
moves into shape. Organising theme parties that lend life to the country's royal past.
making reservations in deluxe hotels, air-conditioned coaches or aboard jet aircraft.
Bringing closer two different lifestyles, creating, blending, mixing for an incentive
holiday experience that is enriching and throughly enjoyable.
India's Incentive cities include Delhi, with its historic past,
Jaipur, the pink city of the Maharajas, Jodhpur, where the desert is a citadel to
Rajput chivalry and grandeur, Udaipur, a romantic dream city with palaces afloat
on islands in the lake. Goa, where the sun never sets on fun times,
Srinagar  where houseboat living is a way of life, Orissa, where the ancient & the
modern blend with ease and onwards to Kathmandu in Nepal,
a Himalayan Shangrila, while beyond the tip of India lies
Sri Lanka, a fascinating island country with splendid beaches.
C MORE has suggested features that may be included in an incentive holiday
to make the experience of the group more rewarding.
 is an upcoming tour operator and organizer, with 10 years
of professional experience and expertise. The incentive department at
CMORE is equipped to handle every last details to your satisfaction, for behind each Incentive,
goes intensive planning and co-ordination on how to conduct this upmarket holiday package.
And behind its strength is service backed by experience, network and reputataion and a
committed staff of industry professionals offering you personalised services.
The expertise orf C MORE is available in other fields as well,
such as in putting together international conferences and conventions,
or in special interest tours that can range from bird watching to golf, wildlife,
trekking, archelogy, architectureand more in the genre.
With its reputation for integrity, courtesy, efficiency and the ability to cope with the unusual,
C MORE is always at your service - 24 hrs a day.
From the most luxurious and palace hotels to celebration of festivals,
from rituals to enthralling dances from processions to fun filled cocktail parties,
you can get it all with the  C MORE's  incentive wand.
We  arrange INCENTIVE tours to the  exotic and luxurious places that this
huge sub-continent has to offer. From a ceremonial welcome with colourful rituals,
caparisoned elephants, classical and folk dances, to  traditional banquets in fairy tale  palaces
and fun filled cocktail parties in  plush hotels, all looked after to the minuets details,
which only an experienced hand can foresee and execute
Experience the thrill!
The Capital Experience
 A ceremonious welcome : The shehnai is an Indian wind instrument that is played on auspicious occassions. To ensure that your visit carries on fruitfully, you will be welcomed by shehnai music, on arrival into your hotel, where young girls perform the traditional " aarti" ritual, by putting a vermillion mark on your forhead and  garland each member personally.
Folklorique lunch or dinner. An indian village is created in the gardens of your super deluxe hotel. Typical village huts are set up for creating the rural enviromnent, complete with fortune teller, palmist, jugglers, dancing bears, performing monkey's, a snake charmer, a puppeteer, music, dance and even an elephant to welcome guests. And for Lunch or Dinner under the tatched roofs of village huts, will be a representation of India's regional cuisines, as well as a Continental buffet and ofcourse, a full bar in accompaniment.
Speciality restaurant dinner. Indian, Chinese, Italian, French, Thai,Greek or Turkish, Delhi's restruants serve a varied choice. And you can sample of a speciality restuarant with a special menu, carrying your Company Logo, imprinted on it to become a souvenir for taking back home.A part or the whole restruant will be reserved exclusively for the group members.
Sari  tying demonstration. The sari is the most elegant attire of the Indian women and you will be shown how to drape 6 yards of the fabric into the deft folds of this dress. Ladies from the group will be invited to try and wera a sari and the one who drapes it the fastest, wins a prize.
Henna & Tea  Henna is applied to ladies palms in itricate designs by a professional. The paste applied, after sometime is washed away leaving behind an overprint of the motifs in a rich auburn colour that lasts for several days. A henna ( mehndi) ceremony can be organised over tea, so that you can show off your Indian make up over dinner.
City of  Taj Mahal
Special Welcome An instrumental band ushers you into the lobby of your hotel and girls in traditional Mughal costumes welcome you with flower garlands.
Poolside Barbecue. Spend a lamy winter day by the poolside while a leisurely barbeque lunch lets you relax to the lifestyles of an era long since gone.
A Mughal Dinner. On a very special evening, in the hotels illuminated gardens, seat yourself on the ground on fine carpets with bolster cushions at the start of of a Mughal evening. For the ambience, the women will be presented with silk scarves, the men with brocade turbans. And as musicians and dancers centertain you in a royal manner, choose from a sumptuous Mughal repast.
Indian Wedding Scene. To participate in an hindu wedding can be a very special event so one is staged exclusively for you, with a couple actually choosen for the marriage from the group. Traditional festivity and costumes ,the groom on a liveried horse, the bride resplendent in her glittering finery, music ,song & dance and the choice of a wedding the Ultimate in the Indian experience.
Kite Flying Battle over gaily papered kites as you participate in the popular sport of the royal homes at one time. As the kites soar in an azure sky, you can attempt to be the winner by allowing the powder-glass coated string of your kite to " cut " those of others.
The Pink City
Royal Welcome You will be met on arrival at your palace by caparisoned elephants, camels and horses and welcomed with the traditional " aarti" ritual performances by beautiful girls in colourful rajasthani dresses. An oil lamp flickers on the aarti tray and a vermillion "tika" on the guest's forehead, assures an auspicious visit.
Gala Evening  In the gardens of your palace hotel, an eleborate bar and buffet is laid out while entertainers perform to the background of fairy lights that illuminate the palace building, leading to the exitement of a fireworks display that splits the quiet of the night. And ofcourse there is  a live band and a floor for you to dance the night away.
A Rajasthani Evening On the lawns of your palace hotel, we create a typical Rajasthani Village, complete with mudwalls, gaily painted entrance and tatched roofs. We create food stalls that bring you a taste of the rich cusine of the desert folks. You watch while they prepare their traditional food. Other attractions of the village are puppeteers, gypsies, fortune teller, bangle sellers and like. Village performers take center stage, while the women of the group can have heena applies on their handsin beatiful and absolutely facinating motifs.
Dream Costumes on hire For fulfilling your " Royal Dreams " ie. if you have any, we provide you with the facility of hiring royal costumes for special evenings, which we can create for your group as  as per your perferences. A hair dresser will help you make up, look like a princess, prince ,king or the queen. An evening,  rarely forgotten in ones life time.
Jewel of  The Desert
Royal Welcome Cheerful "langa" singers greet you on your arrival at the palace hotel. You arrive in a procession of decorated camels and horses in the grand lobby, where you are treated to awelcome drink specially prepared for jsut an occassion like this.
Flaming Torch Dinner Out in the gardens of this magnifient palace hotel, a surprise awaits you as you dine in the resplendent grandeur, refleting the lifestyle of the " maharajas" camps in the desert. You taste traditional rajasthani and contemporary continental cusines amongst flaming torches, which adds to the ambience with musicians and folk dancers lending an aura of romance and nostalgia, as they bring alive the events of a glorious past.
Dinner on the ramparts. The majestic ramparts of Mehrangarh fort are a noble setting for a moonlit dinner. SDelected portions of the fort are specially illuminated and as the night lights twinkle in the city below, a barbeque on the ramparts under the bright desert sky, lets you feel and experience " The Rajasthan" that once belonged to the hoary past. Entertainers from the famous " Langa" community of Jodhpur entertain you as hot breads and mouth watering food comes out of the barbeque spits. A night you could have only dreamt about.
City of  Romance & Dreams
Royal Welcome You are greeted by a procession of decorated camels and horses with riders in ceremonial costumes, who escort you to the courtyard at the jetty, from where you descend to your royal barage that sails you to the lake palace hotel, located in the middle of  the Pichola lake..On arrival, you are greeted by ladies in traditional costume, who welcome you with aarti and a traditional and refreshing drink.
Terrace Lunch In the palace hotel's Mewar Terrace, as a sitar is strummed softly,stretch out leisurely to enjoy an Indian barbeque lunch, while a breeze ruffles the blue waters of lake Pichola.
Gala Dinner at Lilly Pond  As the lake turns inky at night, the courtyard of the lake palace's lilly pond is illuminated with fairy lights. Here amidst tinkling fountains, relax under a star studded sky, while entertainers bring alive the magic of local performances - folk dances, puppet shows, live sitar music and...a sumptuous buffet spread of Indian & Continental barbeque specialities
Gala Dinner at Shikarbadi Dinner at the former hunting lodge of the royal family, Shikarbadi is 4 kms from your Palace hotel. You arrival is royal, with liveried elephants, a vintage Rolls Royce car, procession of camels, Lancers on horseback and a welcome with music and folk dances. The service is sterling silver, served by retainers of the former royal household. A live band entertains you while you eat, followed by an elaborate fireworks display as an end to a grand finale.An experience simply not to be missed.
Beach Bonanza
Traditional Goan Welcome On your arrival at your beach resort hotel, you are welcomed by a group of sarenaders and dancers. Fresh coconut water, in the coconut shell is served as a welcome drink
Beach Barbeque Dinner On the private beach of your resort, a special seafood barbeque ( fresh fish,shellfishes and langouste) is arranged in an informal setting, with goan music and a bonfire to keep you on your feets dancing the night away. A specially designed catamaran - boat serves as the bar.
Houseboat holiday
Buffet cum Barbeque lunch Enjoy a relaxed lunch in the gardens of the Oberoi Palace hotel. Once the summer residence of the former rulers of Kashmir, the palace has beautiful gardens that affords a magnificient view of the Dal Lake and snow capped mountains in the background.
Wazwaan Dinner The tradition of celebrating special feasts remains unchanged in Kashmir, since time immorial. The wazaas ( cooks) prepare a 35 course dinner, consisting of exotic Kashmiri dishes made out of lamb and served with rice. The food is served course by course to enable group members to savour each different flavour. Soft " Santoor" ( classical instrument) live music accompanies the dinners, while they eat, with Kashmiri folk dancers entertaining you througout the dinner ritual.
Land of Ashok The Great
Traditional Oriya Welcome On your arrival at your beach resort hotel, you are welcomed by a group of sarenaders and dancers. Fresh coconut water, in the coconut shell is served as a welcome drink, with lovely ladies doing aarti & garlanding
Beach Barbeque Dinner On the private beach of your resort, a special seafood barbeque ( fresh fish,shellfishes and langouste) is arranged in an informal setting, with music and a bonfire to keep you on your feets dancing the night away.
The Shangrila
Lama Welcome Buddhist lamas dressed in traditional monastic robes will welcome you on your arrival at the hotel with blowing of horns and conch shells and the clashing of cymbals
The Dhulikhel Tour Spend a day in the mountains, discover the people of Nepal. Visit the village of Thimi and Nikisera to watch potters and mask- makers at work.From Dhulikhel there is an unmatched view of the mighty Himalayan ranges. After lunch at mountain resort, spend a lazy day in picturesque surroundings or discover interesting walking trails.
Napalese Dinner & Dance On the specail evening of your arrival, a specially decorated hall of the hotel is reserved and you are welcome by traditionally dressed Napalese girls applying vermillion marks on your forhead. While you dine in traditional Napalese style, Napalese  folk performers entertain you.
Pearl of the Orient
The Royal Court At  Sigriya (5th CenturyAD) with its train of courtiers and the fresco ladies of the rock fortress. An evening of song and dance under a starry night sky with backdrop of the Sigriya fortress. A festival of typical Sri Lankan food to crown it all, seems to be in good cheer
Gem Fantasy.An visit to geming area, panning for gems, watching the men at work with their age old customs and rituals,. experience the thrill of unearthing a priceless treasure. Visit gem cutting and polishing centers and also a gem museum. View an exhibition of Sri Lankan gems and finnaly spend a night in a super deluxe hotel in the Gem country.
Living on a Tea Estate  Breathe the aromatic air of the finest tea in the world. Visit a tea plantation and factory drinking tea of the finest quality, while lounging on the spacious lawns of the picturebook home of the plantation manager. Demonstration
of tea recipes with specail buffet lunch with choice Sri Lankan arrack or beer to wash it down.
The Dutch Experience A journey into the Dutch period in Sri Lanka's history. The venue is Galle with its well preserved fort and buildings, dating back to the 17th Century. Seafood dinner in surroundings reminiscent of the Dutch era
Camera Safari In the Ruhunu or Wilpattu national parks, many a pleasant surprise awaits the patient visitor. Spend the night in a park bunglow, listening to the sounds of the jungle night punctuated with the trumpeting of elephants or the frightened bark of the deer, as they feel the presence of a hungry leapord.
Golfing in Nuwara Ellya. One of the msot beautiful golf courses at an elevation of 2100 meters, set in the midst of verdant luxury. Wine and dine in a typicallycolonial atmosphere of the British vintage soothed by the langurous music of yesteryears.
Festival of Dancers & Drummers. In Kandy, the royal city, the cultural capital of Sri Lanka. The festival of dancers and drummers takes the visitor back to the era of the kandyan kings, when the lissome grace of the Kandyan dancers and the pulsating beat of a hundred drums of various sizes and cadences, thrilled royal audience.An evening of sheer delight and entertainment rounded up with a buffet dinner in typical lankan style
The Viceroy Special A nostalgic grand tour of the ancient cities and the hill country. In a steam hauled train, the viceroy special. complete with First class observation saloons and restruant, it is a journey back in time of the romantic steam engine and the leisurely pace of travel in the early years of this century.