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The Ganga Heritage Cruise is a quest to truly sense the spirit of the land and river life, interwoven so profoundly. A unique opportunity to experience the three cultures that fashioned the fabric of Bengal.The Nwawabi culture of the Mughal rulers, their lifestyles and architecture. The Vaishnava culture, mad in their love of God, their kirtans and their spirituality and the European culture of the settlers- the English, French, Danish, Dutch, Germans & the Portuguese. The cruise winds through six districts of West Bengal, covering 250kms and eight centuries, to capture the essence of a rich heritage, drama of the mighty river and the spectacular beauty of rural Bengal. The journey starts off  by bus from the Tourism Center at CALCUTTA. First stop is Baharampur, 11 kms from Murshidabad, where the launch awaits the visitors.
Transfers, bus tickets, two-tier non air-conditioned accommodation on board the launch or lodges,
main meals and refreshments, sightseeing stop over and tour guide.
Day 1
7.00 AM  - Depart Calcutta by bus.
8.30 AM  - Packed breakfast on bus
1.00  PM -  Arrive Baharampur launch jetty
1.30 PM   -  Lunch on board the launch
2.30 PM  - Arrival Lal Bagh. Sightseeing Hazarduari, Wasif Manzil & Imambara
4.00 PM  - Departure from Lal Bagh
5.30 PM  - Arrive at Azimganj. Sightseeing
6.30 PM  - Departure Azimbagh. Evening snacks on board
8.00 AM  - Arrive Lal Bagh. Dinner and night halt on board at Baharampur.
Day 2
5.00 AM - Depart Baharampur
8.30 AM - Breakfast on board
1.30 AMLunch on board
3.00 PM Arrive Mayapur. Sightseeing Temple visit with aarti
8.00 PM - Dinner at ISKCON
8.30 PM - Return to launch for night halt
Day 3
5.00 AM  - Depart Mayapur
7.20 AM  - Arrive Kalna
9.00 AM  -Depart Kalna.Breakfast on board
12.30 PM - Arrive Chandannagar. Sightseeing & Lunch on board
2.45 AM  - Depart Chandannagar
5.30 PM Arrive Belur Math. Sightseeing Temple visit with aarti
6.30 PM  - Depart Belur Math . High tea on board
7.30 PM -  Arrive Outramghat Jetty, Calcutta.
Please note the following : -
A ) Tour begins and ends in Calcutta. From Calcutta to Murshidabad, one way travel is by bus.
      Downstream from Murshidabad to Calcutta is by launch.
B) Launch is also available on Charter for special itineraries and group outings - rates are negotiable
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