Surrounded by the greatest heights of the Himalaya,the kingdom of
Nepal is a land of eternal attraction, a place where one visit is hardly ever enough.
It's a land of colorful cultures, ancient history and people, superb scenery and some of the best walking on earth.
Nepal's history is closely related to its geographical location, separating the fertile
plains of India from the desert-like plateau of Tibet. Its position between Indian and
China meant the country was able at times to play the role of intermediary -
a canny trader between two great powers - while at other times it faced the threat of invasion.  Internally, its history was just as dynamic, with city-states in the hills vying
with each other for power until one powerful king, Prithivi Narayan Shah, overran them all.
That history is very visible today with the three great towns of the Kathmandu valley -
Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur - still bearing witness to their days as
fiercely competitive mediaeval mini-kingdoms. Indeed, in Nepal
it's often possible to suspend belief and mentally roll the
clock right back to the mediaeval era.
Behind the old temples and places of the Kathmandu Valley,above and beyond the hills that
surrounding the valley,another kingdom' rises skyward. The abode of snows' which
is what Himalaya means in Sanskrit, is a natural kingdom'
and a magnet to mountaineers from all above the world.
You don't have to be Sherpa or Hillary in order for you to get
in amongst these great mountains.With a touch of enterprises
and a modicum of fitness most travelers can walk the trails
that lead into the road less heights of the Himalaya.
In Nepal one trek is rarely enough, and many visitors soon
find themselves planning to return. Fascinating old town,
magnificent temples and great walking are not all Nepal has to offer.
Many visitors come to Nepal expecting to find these things
but also discover how outstanding friendly the Nepalese are.
Trekking is not the only activity which draws visitors,
it also has some superb white-water rafting opportunities,
mountain biking, which is become more and more popular,
and down in the jungle, safaris on elephant-
back into the Royal Chitwan National Park are another
not-to-be-missed part of the Nepal experience.
Known as Kantipur, the capital of the Kingdom of Nepal. Nowhere in the world can one find
the same concentration of culture, art and tradition that exists in Kathmandu valley. This city is
aconcentration of temples. Near the Durbar square is the residence of Kumari the Virgin Goddess
who acknowledges the greetings of the devotees from the balcony of her temple residence.
Kasthamandap the source of the name Kathmandu. Hanuman Dhoka the ancient Palace of the Nepalese Royalty.
Known as Lalitpur. It is 6 km south east of Kathmandu city across the southern bank of the river Bagmati.
The city is full of Buddhist monuments, Hindu temples and the ancient palace. Noted for its
craftsmen and metal workers it is also known as the city of artists.
Known as Bhaktapur is the home of medieval art and architecture. 14 kms east of Kathmandu city.
The main square of the city contains innumerable temples and other architectural showpieces:
The Lion Gate,the palace of 55 windows, the Batsala temple, the Nyatpola temple,
The Bhairav Temple and also a pottery village.
It is a small town 8 kms southwest of Kathmandu on the top of a hill. This historical town has many sights
to offer: old houses,traditional costumes, people working on ancient looms.
This stupa is said to be 2000 years old and one of the world's most glorious Buddhist Chaityas,it is 4 kms west
of Kathmandu city, and is situated on a hillock, from where we can have a spectacular view of Kathmandu city.
The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is situated 5 kms east of Kathmandu on the bank of the sacred Bagmati river. It is a pagoda-style temple with a gilt roof and richly carved silver doors. One of the most holy temples in the entire Hindu world. Cremation rituals are performed on the banks of river Bagmati.
Literally meaning the Kali of the South, this temple is dedicated to Goddess Kali, a Hindu goddess of power.
It is situated 20 kms southwest of Kathmandu and is famed for its natural surroundings. Every Tuesday
and Saturday, animals are brought for sacrifice at the pith of Kali
It is situated 24 kms east of Kathmandu on a hilltop, this temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu.
It is said to have been built in the 4th century A.D. The temple is richly decorated with sculptures
and carvings,from where you can have a  beautiful view of the surrounding's countryside.
It is situated at an attitude of 7133 ft. above sea level,32 kms east of Kathmandu. A panorama of the
major peaks of most of the eastern Himalayas, including Mt. Everest and Khumbu Himal as wells
many of the western Himalayan peaks can be seen from here. Best for sunset and sunrise.
It is situated at an attitude of 5500 ft. above sea level, 30 kms east of Kathmandu on the Kodari Highway,
a scenic and ancient town. From here one can have a panoramic view of the Himalayan ranges
from west to the East. Best for sunset.
For a view of the breath-taking grandeur of the world's highest peak,from far west of Dhaulagiri
to east of Mt. Everest.There is no better place than Daman. It lies 80 kms southwest of Kathmandu
on the mountain highway-the Tribhuvan Rajpath.
The Pokhara valley is scenic and exciting.This area is famous for trekking and lies
200 kms west of Kathmandu.It is an enormous sunlit playground covered by green hills,lakes,
forest,rivers,water-falls and terraced fields.For the mountain lover Annapurna range and
Fishtail peak are just standing in front of you for clear views.
Lumbini the birthplace of Lord Buddha, the apostle of peace, compassion and non-violence.
It is situated 306kms in the western Terai of Nepal. The Lumbini garden complex has a stone
pillar commemorating the visit of Emperor Ashoka around 250 BC.
The Royal Chitwan National Park is a large area of low, heavily forested hills bordering India
in the South,a heaven of wild life, the lordly tiger, lumbering one honed rhino,leopard,varieties of deer,
wild boar and some four hundred species of birds. It is situated 162 kms south of Kathmandu.
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