On popular trekking routes like the Everest, Langtang and Annapurna trails, we organize tea house or lodge-treks. In more remote areas, we provide camp treks :

Tea house or lodge treks

We provide a guide and a sufficient number of porters for tea house or lodge trekkings. Lodging is in a tea house or lodge. Some feature separate guest rooms, others common dormitories of the sleep-in type. Meals are prepared by the lodge owners and are plain but nutritious. Soft drinks, beer and alcoholic beverages are to be paid for separately.

Camp Treks

We provide camping tours for remote regions as Dolpo, Mustang, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu and Makalu or for people who do not wish to depend on local facilities. Also for climbing treks like Everest-Island Peak and Mera peak trek we provide camping equipment.

The equipment made available by us comprises comfortable tents sleeping two, mattresses, sleeping bags, cotton sheets, a toilet tent, a kitchen tent, a cooking tent, tables, chairs, complete kitchen equipment and the food necessary during the trip.

The group is accompanied by a team under the orders of an experienced sirdar (Nepalese for 'leader')helped by a number of guides and kitchen boys. Our Sherpa guides are, among others, in charge of the camp sites, guiding and helping our guests. The kitchen staff is under the orders of an experienced cook having a long experience of guests from all over the world and is helped by the kitchen boys.


Prices are on the basis of a double room or tent shared by two. Single rooms or tents can be arranged for against extra payment. In the case of tea house or lodge trekkings, depending on the regions and the facilities available, lodgings are in separate guest rooms or common dormitories.
TREK GRADES : The level of difficulty of our treks is symbolised by one to five trekkers. While grading our treks we have taken the following factors into account :
                     - The total duration of the trek.
                     - The duration of stay at high altitude (+3000m).
                     - The maximum difference in altitude per day.
                     - The condition of the terrain
                     - The average duration of the daily stages.
                     - The night temperatures.

Nevertheless we want to warn our trekkers that the level of difficulty of a trek is very subjective. Weather conditions, your physical condition, possible health problems during the trek and other factors can have an important influence on the way you experience a trek.

For Trekking Itineraries & Cost
Short light daily stages along generally good passable trails. Maximum difference in altitude is less than 300m. Night temperature remains above freezing point.
Daily stages of 5 to 6 hours along good passable trails. Differences in altitude of up to 800m below 4000m. Night temperature can drop below freezing point.
Daily stages of 4 to 7 hours a day. The trails are usually well passable but some high altitude passes above 4000m can be steep. Possible snow on the high altitude passes can put your endurance to the test. A good condition is recommended.
Treks of more than 15 days with daily stages of 4 to 8 hours. Differences in altitude of up to 1000m below 4000m. One or more high altitude passes above 5000m. Most nights temperatures below freezing point. Sometimes difficult camping sites. A good condition is a requirement.
Treks and climbs of more than 15 days. Walking on very difficult grounds, basic mountaineering skills required. Nights at very low temperature. A strong resistance and a very good physical condition are required.
Although our guides are very competent and helpful, accidents still happen every year in the Himalaya. To help our customers who urgently need to be evacuated because of illness or an accident, we have one of the best Nepalese helicopter pilots at our disposal. This Sherpa pilot, who has many years of service in the Nepalese army, knows the mountains like the back of his hand and already has a long record of evacuations in difficult circumstances.

The helicopter, however, does not fly before the bill has been paid. As this bill usually mounts up and as the customers usually are in a awkward position to pay the bill,C'More Travels, is willing to advance this sum. However, our clients need to pay the bill before they leave Nepal. We recommend in any way to take out a supplementary assistance insurance policy.

                                       MEDICAL KIT                          EQUIPMENT LIST

Band-aids Assorted sizes Kit bag 
Cotton gauze pads and adhesive tapes, Thermometer, Scissors Tweezers, Needle For any eventuality Rucksack  30 /45 liters, 
Flashlight with extra  
battery  & bulb
Antiseptic cream for cuts and scrapes Plastic bags  (for litter, 
wet clothes, dirty shoes)
Moleskin or second skin for blisters Sunglasses with side pieces, Spare eye glasses
Elastic bandages for strained knees, sprained ankles Shampoo, Sun screen, 
Lip balm,
Tetracyclin or bactrim for bacterial dysentery and infections Underpants & T-shirts  
polypropylene, Nylon gaiters
Erythomycin for strepthroat,skin infections,bronchitis Passport photograph with  passport
Tiniba (500mg) for giardia and amoebic dysentery Down or hollow fiber sleeping bag 
Pepto-Bismol tablets for upset stomach and diarrhea Ponch,Glove, Woolen hat, 
towel, handerchief, 
toilet paper, Tootbrush, 
Razor blades, Tampoons, 
Sewing kit
Aspirin or paracetemol for relief of pain and fever  Drink bottle of 1 liter
Codeine: (30mg) for cough, pain, diarrhea Trekking trousers & shorts,Fleece & Down jacket, Long thermal  
underwear & shirt
Throat lozenges for sore throat, common at altitude Running shoes, Woolen hiker,socks & nylon  
or silk socks
Jeevan Jal oral rehydration formula for diarrhea Waterproofing hiking boots,Clothespins, 
Lightweight nylon cord
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