You go places with 
To experience the sights and sounds, the magic and the mystery of this glorious place called India,
Jet Airways has introduced special Visit India Fares that don't cost the earth.
5 -day Visit India fare  US$ 550 per adult
21-day Visit India fare  US$ 800 per adult
Children under 12  50% discount of adult cost
Infants below 2 years!  10% of adult cost
Under the Visit India fare plan, you can visit as many destinations as you want within the fare plan*
period in one continuous direction or a circle trip economically and without any hassles.
For instance, you can travel
Mumbai - Ahmedabad - Jaipur - Delhi - Calcutta - Hyderabad - Madras - Mumbai.
But you cannot back-track or go zigzag i.e.
Mumbai - Ahmedabad - Jaipur - Delhi - Madras - Calcutta - Delhi - Mumbai -
Hyderabad - Ahmedabad.
This means that no city can be transited more than once
except to catch a connecting flight.
                                                                                                                                   For Indian Airlines special offers
*Kindly note, conditions apply.