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India beckons you to a new adventure, an adventure through varied landscapes,cultures and histories. Be a part of the scintillating diversity that is India and feel the joy of unraveling mysteries and discovering the simple pleasures of life.The most pleasant mode of traveling through India is by train. Rail travel issafe and comfortable, but can be confusing. Of the many different categories of accommodation available, those recommended are air - conditioned first class,two-tier sleeper and chair car. Travel by non - air-conditioned first and second class
can be dusty and uncomfortable and is best avoided Advance reservation is strongly recommended for all sectors of travel.Many stations have computerized booking counters and in big cities,all major stations have tourist sections with English speaking staff,however payment is in US Dollars or English Pound Sterling.At all large stations, it is possible to reserve tickets for journeys starting elsewhere in the country.Indian Railways representatives abroad accept bookings unto 6 months in advance and in India unto 2 months prior to departure date.
Rajdhani Express 
Fully air-conditined, deluxe train gives you the unique opportunity of experiencing Indian Railways at its best. Evening tea & snacks,dinner & breakfast are served  in the train and provides a fast and comfortable journey linking all major cities.
Shatabdi Express 
Fully air- conditioned intercity trains link major cities and offer facilities for quick & comfortable travel. Meals & Snacks are served on board.
Shivalik Deluxe
Introduced on the lines of Shatabdi Express connects Kalka to Shimla in Himachal Pradesh With a seating capacity of 120 passengers it has ,wall to wall carpets, wide glass windows, reversible cushioned chairs,cabin for couples,table for meal, music system & audio facilities 
Toy train covers 96 kms of track in 6 hours,crossing 107 tunnels
Maximum speed of 33kms per hour, the toy train crosses 16 tunnels and tall girder bridges
The 86 km track allows the traveller an uninteruputed view of the breathtaking view of the Eastern Himalayas
The toy train runs between sunrise & sunset and covers the 77 year old track connecting Mumbai to Mathern in about one & half hour.
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An extraordinary train for extraordinary people. With historic charm and modern conveniences,beckoning you to step aboard for  a week of splendor. Reliving the luxury of  princely travel  of the age of  the Raj are 14 coaches of the POW with rich decor that  evoke the age of Rajput  chivalry and  are named after former  royal Rajput states.As most  of the traveling is done at night, your days are left free for discovering the delights of Rajasthan 
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on Luxury trains
 The Royal Orient 
A magical journey through two of India's most culturally and historically vibrant states- Gujrat   
& Rajasthan. Enjoy yourself in the luxury of this fascinating train,a spectacular concept in transport, an aesthetic marvel   
of modern times. 13 indescribably wondrous,gold embossed saloon  
cars recreate the resplendent living of the times of yore.The RO begins its journey from Delhi to explore fascinating 
The Fairy Queen 
Comes out of the Treasure Chest of the Indian Railways. Built in the year 1855, this 144 year old Pristine beauty now comes alive! The oldest working steam locomotive in the world, runs once a week,  taking 50 discerning pax on an unforgettable 2 day weekend trip from Delhi to Alwar. The train consists of  
just one First class chair car and a pantry car, all majestically hauled by the fabled FQ. The two day trip includes,Sariska Tiger Sanctuary .The FQ has   
recently featured in the Guiness Book of  World Records as the oldest steam  
engine running. 
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