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Health and Immigration Formalities
Visitors to Maldives from Yellow Fever-infected areas should have a valid certificate against Yellow fever.Immunisation against Cholera is not required. Some health authorities advise visitors to take preventive medication against malaria, but the incidence of malaria is extremely rare.
Immigration basics
The art of doing nothing once applied to entrance requirements in the Maldives, when it was one of the few places in the world that did not stamp passports on arrival or departure.  Today, tourists require:
(a) A valid passport ( b) Sufficient funds for to cover their expenses during their stay.  (c) An onward or return ticket, or sufficient funds to purchase a ticket.
If they meet the entrance requirements, visitors get a 30-day visa on arrival. A landing card must be filled..
Photographs are not required.
Extension of Stay
Extension of stay will be granted on a case-by-case basis if required. Application needs to be made to the Immigration Department well before expiry of the fist visa.
Customs - Arrival
The import of the following items is forbidden unless prior permission is obtained
a) Firearms and explosives
b) Pornography of any kind, including what would be considered
"acceptable erotica" in all western (and most eastern) societies.
c) Pork and all products containing pork.
d) Narcotic drugs, poisons and hazardous, irritable or industrial chemicals
e) Alcohol - items purchased on the trip will be held in Customs bond for collection upon departure.
NOTE that all resorts in the Maldives have permits which allow the controlled import of alcohol and pork, so visitors who need either need not worry. Items exceeding a total value of USD200 needs to be declared, and import duties will have to be paid on items which are not taken back by the visitor. For any other information please consult the Customs Officer.
Customs - Departure
The export of controlled items such as ambergris requires a special permit and payment of export duties.
Airport departure service charge @ US $15 per passenger (subject to change)
What to Wear
A relaxed pace of life demands that the dress code be decidedly informal. Light cotton clothes and casual shoes or sandals are the most comfortable year-round attire. A wide brimmed beach hat and sunglasses are recommended for those who tan or burn easily. Most of the larger resorts would prefer guests to "dress appropriately" when visiting the bar or restaurants, especially at evening and night. This normally means smart casual dress instead of beachwear. When visiting Male' and other inhabited islands, visitors should bear in mind that, in this Islamic society, some modesty and decorum is appreciated. Remember to remove footwear when entering mosques.
Currency and Banks
Currency The Maldivian Rufiyaa (abbreviated as Rf. or MRf.) is made up of 100 larees. The current exchange rate to the US Dollar is around MRf.26.00 per U.S. Dollar.
Money changing Foreign exchange facilities are avilable at all resorts and banks. Guests staying at resorts can settle their bills in foreign currency. It should be noted that the U.S. Dollar reigns supreme over all other currencies in Maldives, and it is likely that the exchange rate for other currencies is slightly worse.
Banking and business hours Normal Banking hours are: 0900 to 1300 on Sundays to Thursdays, and 0900 to 1100 on Saturdays. Friday is a holiday. Government ofices are open from 0730 to 1330 daily except on Fridays. Shops and private businessses often stay open till very late (around 2130).
Credit Cards Major credit cards are accepted by most resorts, but payment for a booking deposit by telephone is not generally accepted. In some cases, shops in Male' may try to add a surcharge to the purchase price if payment is made by card.
Exchange control Uniquely to this region, there are currently no exchange controls in force in the Maldives, and visitors are spared the trouble of filling in various forms and haggling with the bureaucracy. However, the laws of the market prevail, and it might sometimes be easy to convert Dollars to Rufiyaa but strangely difficult to do the opposite.
Time Differences
Maldives is 5 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
When it is 1200 (noon) in the Maldives, it is :
0700hrs in London
0800hrs in Paris, Rome, Geneva, Madrid and Bonn
1000hrs in Athens, Cairo, Lusaka and Johannesburg
1100hrs in Moscow
1200hrs in Karachi
1230hrs in Colombo, Bombay and Delhi
1400hrs  in Bangkok
1500hrs  in Singapore
1600hrs  in Tokyo
1700hrs. in Sydney
2300hrs (previous day) in San Francisco
0200hrs in New York
Note: The above refers to GMT. In summer, allow for Daylight Saving Time (GMT+1 hour)
 Hulule International Airport-  A Guide
Hulule Airport, Maldives' gateway to the world, is an island which looks more like an
aircraft carrier from the air. A short boat ride from Male', the former airstrip has developed into
a modern and busy international airport. Helicopter and seaplane services transfer passengers to
outlying resorts and offer sightseeing flights. Internal flights to northern and southern atolls
also operate from Hulule. While there is room for improvement of basic services, Hulule rates
fairly well in comparison with the region's other airports, especially after the recent development
of new terminal facilities. After passing through sometimes cramped immigration and customs areas,
the first glimpse of white coral sand and the sea beyond is a welcome sight.
Immediately upon leaving the terminal building, the various representatives of resorts and travel
agents wait with boards to greet and escort their various groups. Travel reps. also wait on the
lookout for the very few who arrive without prior bookings. There is an airport restaurant serving
simple meals and refreshments. Money changing facilities are also provided. There is no scheduled
ferry service to the resorts, and each resort makes its own arrangements. A ferry service operates
to and from Male', with frequencies dependent on demand. The fare varies, from a few Rufiyaa for
sharing a dhoni to several hundred dollars for a speed boat.
Departure formalities are more relaxed. Several duty free shops also offer a wide range of items.
Airline Counters are only open and staffed during flight times, and the airport can seem deserted
just minutes after departure of the flight.
" A paradise for divers "
Listed are some of the best dive sites in the Maldives -
some ranked among the best in the world.
 Kani Corner
Location : Outside corner of Kanifinolhu
Depth : 10m - 30m
Type of Dive : Driftdive
Rainbow Tila
Location : South off Girifushi Island
Depth : 8m - 30m
Type of Dive : Driftdive
Maldive Victory
Location : In front of Hulule Airport
Depth : 16m - 30m
Type of Dive : Wreck dive, ascent & descent on a rope
Location : outside corner of Lohifushi Island
Depth : 10m - 30m
Type of Dive : Driftdive
Vaadhoo Caves
Location : North end of South Male Atoll
Depth : 3m - 30m
Type of Dive : Driftdive
Lions Head
Location : Vaadhoo Channel
Depth : 3m - 30m
Type of Dive : Driftdive
Banana Reef
Location : Male' Atoll
Depth : 3m - 30m
Type of Dive : Driftdive
Old Shark Point
Location : Vaadhoo Channel
Depth : 3m - 30m
Type of Dive : Driftdive
Location : Outside of Rasfari Island
Depth : 10m - 30m
Type of Dive : Driftdive
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